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Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2009 ‘Mixed Bathing World’
Duration:11 April – 14 June 2009
Location:Various locations in Beppu City
Organized by:Beppu Contemporary Art Festival Executive Committee, Beppu Project (non-profit organization)
Director:Takashi Serizawa (P3 art and environment)

"The World of Mixed Bathing" is a contemporary art festival initiated with the grassroots involvement of local people.

Beppu is an enchanted port city created by entrepreneurs and immigrants where the sacred and profane coexist in a steamy ambience. Magical energies are hidden in various spots in the city. Eight artists from different parts of the world will visit Beppu, choose spots and present their work at these locations. They are travelers and entrepreneurs. The art that emerges at these locations will become gates inviting people to enter into a new journey of the mind.

Audiences equipped with passports and maps explore the city' s designated zones searching for gates. While they are roaming about the city looking for gates, they will encounter the wonders of Beppu. The project is organized so that people will be led on a journey into another world – the world of mixed bathing.

During the festival many events will be held, including concerts, contemporary dance performances, and film showings. Events will be multi-faceted to create a world and a way of life where mixed bathing emerges in Beppu.

About the concept of a "mixed bathing hot spring":
Hot springs pour from the earth and pool in a hollow. They belong to nobody but the people who cherish them, protect them and maintain them over the years. People who live close by, travelers, women, men, young and old, take off their clothes and relax in the warm water. While they are soaking, all differences of language, ethnicity, nationality and religion are transcended. Naked and unarmed, they share a moment of their lives. After for a while, when they've had enough, one by one, they get out of the bath and drift away. People leave and return, and a loose circulation is created.
by beppuproject | 2007-10-02 05:09 | BEPPU PROJECT 2009