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The World Hot Spring Culture Creative City Beppu
Beppu International Symposium 2007
- The World Hot Spring Culture Creative City Beppu -

Place : Beppu International Port, Takegawara Hot Spring, the central district of Beppu city
Date : 27th (Sat), 28th (Sun) of October 2007
Fee : one-day ticket 1,000yen/two-days ticket 1,500yen
Sponsored by : Beppu Central District Revitalization Council / NPO BEPPU PROJECT
Cosponsored by : Beppu City / Oita University / APU Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Cooperated by : NPO Arts NPO Link
Subsidy by : Pola Art Foundation
Supported by : Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport Japan / Agency for Cultural Affairs / Japan Foundation / British Council / Oita Prefacture and more


October 27th (Sat)

We invite Mr. Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto and Mr. Jean-Louis Bonnin, the director who revitalized Nantes City in France, to examine for the relations between the local administration and the art center of the next generation.

15:00- “The Stream of the Creative City in Japan” --- Lecture
Lecturer : Mr. Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto (Chief of the basic research institute of Nissei Corporation)

16:30- “Regional Resuscitation by Culture” --- Lecture
Lecturer : Mr. Jean-Louis Bonnin (Directeur du développement culturel de la ville de Nantes)

18:00- Reception

October 28th (Sun)

We invite Mr. Charles Landry, the advocator for the theory of creative cities, to search for the way of revitalizing the central district by making use of the creative power of culture.

10:00- “Research in the Central District of Beppu city” --- Workshop
Walk in the central district of Beppu city with Panelists
Coordinator : Ms. Yuka Himeno (associate professor / Oita University)

14:00- “Possibility of The Creative City” --- Lecture
Lecturer : Mr. Charles Landry (President of Comedia)

15:30- “Plan of Arts Complex City” --- Presentation
Mr. Jun’ya Yamaide (Director of Npo BEPPU PROJECT)

16:10- “To be the World Hot Spring Culture Creative City” --- Symposium
Panelist : Mr. Charles Landry + Mr. Jean-Louis Bonnin + Hiroshi Hamada (Beppu Mayor) + Jun’ya Yamaide
Moderator : Mr. Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto

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